Unfortunately, disputes often cannot be settled or fairly resolved without the intervention of a court, or other third party. Katz Law provides superior legal services to our clientele, primarely in the areas of real estate, business disputes, and judgement-related matters. Our cost effective approach, coupled with quality services enables us to excel at what we do. Our attorneys advocate aggressively against opposing parties and have appeared in various courts hundreds of times. Our firm has extensive experience in both lower and appellate courts.

We recognize that litigation can be a difficult experience. With that in mind, we are committed to providing excellent advice to assist our clients in making difficult decisions a little easier.  At Katz Law, we combine our individual backgrounds, experience, and talents to provide our clients the best representation available. At Katz Law, we focus our civil litigation practice on helping both individuals and businesses of any size. We handle cases at every stage of the legal process and have achieved good results all along the way.

At Katz Law, we assist individuals and businesses with the following matters:

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Katz Law is a top ranking law firm that has helped hundreds of individuals in various civil litigation matters. We fight aggressively for our clients and take pride in the personal attention that we give each case. Our dedication and passion about what we do allowed us to achieve outstanding results for our past clients.

At Katz Law, our hourly rates for civil litigation matters are very competitive. We can provide effective legal representation without "breaking the bank." Call us at (844) KATZ-LAW to learn more!

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