Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one by the negligent or careless acts of another is truly devastating. Someone dear to you can never be replaced, and the emptiness that their death leaves can never be filled. However, the attorneys at Katz Law can help seek monetary compensation for your loss and, specifically, the post-death expenses and pain and suffering.

Wrongful deaths caused by negligent drivers often occur at the workplace, as a result of malfunctioning products, and due to frequent automobile accidents. Ensuing wrongful death claims may be filed by close family members, which include parents, spouses, children, and siblings.

In order to recover for the death of a loved one, a lawsuit must be filed in court on your behalf. You then must prove that the wrongful death was caused by the responsible party, the defendant. If the defendant has insurance, the defendant’s insurance company will make diligent efforts to limit your recovery. As such, the insurance company will likely attempt to poke holes in your case and show that you did not have a close connection to the deceased. Likewise, the insurance company may dispute whether the defendant is in fact responsible for the death of your loved one whatsoever.

To put yourself at an even playing field with the other party, we strongly recommend that you retain an attorney. Thus, contact us now or call us at (844) KATZ-LAW for a FREE consultation with an experienced attorney. Our “no fees, unless we win,” policy guarantees that if we represent you in a wrongful death case, you will not be charged a penny until we can recover on your behalf.

Since wrongful death lawsuits are complex and very involved, we highly recommend that you hire a competent attorney for your legal representation. As you are charged zero fees unless we win, retaining an attorney is almost a no-brainer. While we cannot bring your loved one back, we can help you get back on track by obtaining monetary compensation for his or her death. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit will enable you to recover monetary compensation for:

• Funeral and burial expenses;
• Medical bills incurred;
• Loss of benefits;
• Loss of earnings (current and future);
• Loss of care, comfort, and support;
• Loss of expected inheritance; and
• Potentially much more.

Call us now for a confidential consultation with a qualified attorney who can receive the compensation you deserve for the loss of a loved on.


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