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Trucking Accidents

Trucks, whether small as a pick up track or large as an 18-wheeler, are considered some of the most dangerous machines on the road. When there is a truck-involved collision, the person hit is placed in grave danger. Fortunately, the attorneys at Katz Law stand ready and able to obtain the maximum compensation for victim of a truck-involved collision.

Truck accidents may occur to due pure error by the truck driver or slippery roads, or driving at an excess speed, being inattentive to blind spots, failing to properly maintain the truck so that it is safe for public use (for example, failing to maintain the tires, which results in a blowout, or failing to get the breaks checked, which results in break failure). When a truck breaks too hard, the other impacted vehicle may go under the truck. Similarly, when a truck rollover occurs, the risk to other vehicles and potentially pedestrians is high.

Because of the grave danger that accompanies operation of a truck, California and federal laws and regulations are in effect that apply specifically to trucks, which regulate weight of commercial trucks, licensure, training, sleep hours, and the like. The attorneys at Katz Law are abreast of the applicable laws and regulations, and they can readily determine when a violation occurs. To speak to an attorney regarding a trucking accident, contact us now or call us at (844) KATZ-LAW!


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