Judgement Collection

Katz Law specializes in helping both individual businesses collect debts that our owed to them following a lawsuit. When a party is successful in a lawsuit, or in other words, “wins the lawsuit”, that party receives what is called a “judgement”. A judgement, however, is not much more than a piece of paper. That piece of paper has to be “collected on” in order to obtain the money damages awarded by the court.

If you have an unsatisfied judgment against an individual or company and would like to pursue your legal options for collecting the money you are owed, contact Katz Law today for a FREE consultation. You will be immediately transferred to one of our attorneys who will inquire about the judgement and discuss alternatives for collection.

Collection of a judgement can consist of the following:

These tools include:

  • Summoning an individual or company before the Court to answer questions about income and assets
  • Assigning a receiver and selling real property
  • Freezing bank accounts
  • Garnishing Wages
  • Obtaining Court orders to turnover physical property for sale toward satisfying the debt
  • Entering payment plans with the debtor
  • And many more

If retained, we will give your case the individualized attention that is increasingly rare in today’s legal market. Our attorneys promise to deal with you directly. If you have a judgement that has not yet been collected on, call us now and lets discuss your options.


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